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Fixt is an ideal environment to develop your talents. We offer ongoing training and support, and opportunities to grow into leadership positions. We also offer free shirts with a super cool logo on them.



Technicians should have a firm grasp on todays smartphone technology, and a burning desire to solve the unsolvable. Worthy candidates will need to excel at our Fixt Certification Course before you can touch any of the tools. But don’t touch Nick’s tools. Ever.

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Customer Consultants

Customer Consultants should possess a calm demeanour, a disarming smile, and buckets of empathy for the frazzled customers who come to us to get their life back online. You will also be forced to become a smartphone and tablet guru. Gurus earn tons of karma.

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Store Managers

Store managers need to be comfortable answering to ‘Boss’, ‘El Capitan’, ‘Head Honcho’, ‘Chief’ etc.
They also need some retail sales and customer service experience as they will be responsible for
meeting sales objectives, managing customer service and experience and employee engagement.
You know, Boss type stuff.

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