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Heading on Vacation? Tips To Keep Your Cell Phones & Tablets Safe

Summer is here, which means most of you will be heading out on a vacation or two. If you are like us than you are definitely carrying some, if not all, of your devices with you when you travel. Smartphones and tablets are our number one companion when it comes to the beach, cottages, airports and long drives. But how can you protect your device while your travelling? Here are a few tips:

  • Purchase a waterproof case to help prevent against water damage and sand if you are at the beach or pool area
  • Make sure your phone or tablet has a screen protector on it to help prevent against scratches
  • Always keep your devices locked up in safe to avoid theft
  • If you have an unlocked phone be sure to purchase an international sim card to avoid roaming charges
  • Purchase a Water Rescue Kit (such as EVAP by Kensington) in case of any accidental swimmings in the toilet or ocean.
  • Be sure to keep your devices out of the sun/heat to keep them from overheating
  • Visit a Fixt store before heading off to ensure you have all the accessories to help make sure you and your devices enjoy a relaxing vacation.

If you are in need of these protection products or want to get your phone unlocked before your next vacation pop into one of our Fixt locations and we can get you all set up!