The Benefits Of Buying An Unlocked Used Phone At Fixt Wireless

Benefits of Buying an Unlocked Phone

In the market for a new phone? There are better options to consider before heading to the wireless carriers and spending a fortune on a new phone or having to sign a new, expensive contract. At Fixt we have a great selection of phones, both new and refurbished, available for purchase at a fraction of the cost of what you would expect to pay to get the latest and greatest devices.

Our belief is that Canadians should have the freedom to use their phones whenever and where ever they want without being tied to the tyranny of a contract. That’s why we only sell unlocked phones. We have awesome brand new unlocked Android phones or a variety of refurbished brand name devices (iPhones and Samsung) to choose from.

For years we have been taught that “unlocking” is shady, it seems like a dirty word and people usually whisper when they say it. But it is NOT. In fact we think it is by far the best thing you can do with your device.

If you have an unlocked phone that means you can use the phone on any of the major networks, but you don’t have to sign a contract (which would typically be more expensive than you last rate plan). In fact, if you bring your own phone to the carriers to activate it, in most cases you will be given a 10% discount off your monthly rate plan. So you are saving money without being locked in and you can switch providers anytime you want if you find a better deal or are unhappy with your service.

Unlocked phones also give you the freedom to travel with them. You can take your phone away and simply buy a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination – again saving you money by eliminating the need for expensive talk, text & data roaming packages.  So whether you are interested in buying an unlocked device or having your current phone unlocked,  we can help!

Used phones – also shady right? Because in Canada, typically to buy a used phone it means Kijiji, or worse. Not the greatest experience and frankly you get what you pay for. Will it work? is it stolen? At Fixt we sell previously loved phones. But before we offer them to our customers we completely clean and refurbish them so they are like brand new.

All our phones are Fixt certified, which means all the damaged parts have been replaced and the phone has been properly tested to ensure that it is in excellent working condition. Plus, they come with a 3 month warranty, we stand behind each device we sell. And our phones come in proper manufacturer boxes and include the in-box accessories – chargers and earbuds. In most cases you would never know the phone is not brand new – until you see the price!

Fixt phones are the best way to upgrade affordably, and we can help you make the transition easy. We can sell you the new one, transfer the data over from your old one so you walk out working and often we will offer you cash to trade-in your old phone. Not only are you saving money and the all hassles that go along with a getting a new phone, but you can also sleep better at night knowing you did something good for the environment by preventing another phone from entering our landfills!

So if you are in the market for a new phone, pop in and see us and we will get you all set up! No contracts here folks!!